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Bryan Bedessem
Edina Realty
723 Cleveland Ave. South
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116
Phone: 612-382-8415
Website: www.bryanbedessem.edinarealty.com

As a Realtor my job is to assist people in finding or selling a home. No matter if you are buying or selling, it can be a very emotional and stressful time.  While the product of the transaction is a home, the service I provide is helping my clients transition through a large life change.   I have been through these life changes myself with my own family: - From the first house my wife and I bought in North Minneapolis - Building a new home in 2005 that fell apart due to builder issues (early indicator of the recession) - Buying the large family home in Woodbury in 2005, and then being upside down for almost a decade - Dealing with Alzheimer's and the death of parents then having to sell their estate - Downsizing and buying a condo in the city Everyone of these life changes had their own challenges and hurdles for us to deal with.  No two transactions are the same because everyone's situation and stage in life is different.  It is important to understand these important life factors to best help you achieve your goals and get to that next stage in life.

One of the best ways to help is to start planning and working together well in advance. Even if you don't plan on moving for a few years, it doesn't hurt to have these conversations now.  If you are selling a home, proper planning may yield you a higher return on the sale of your home.  On the buying side, creating a game plan so you don't get swept up in the emotion of buying can save you from buying the wrong home.  Look at homes and neighborhoods in advance of moving to make sure you know exactly where you want to live and what you want your home to provide.  I look forward to talking with you and helping you move to that next stage in life you are after.







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